My Starion Pictures


This is by far my favourite shot. Mineral Wells, TX Autocross Event from MDSOG 1996.

Me and my copilot, Shawn Dewey (Delaware), are getting ready for our run.


The lone Mitsubishi in front of a tough crowd of DSMs. MDSOG Autocross event Mineral Wells, TX 1995.


Rally meet up in Denton before heading to the track in Norman, Oklahoma 1997.

Recent Exterior Pics

JDM tail lights


The hood's nose will need some adjustments when I get the rest of the car painted.


Recent Interior Pics

I am going to retake them another time as the car was not as clean as I wanted it to be but you can get a feel for the condition of the interior.

Left shot of the front seats.


Right shot of the front seats.


Driver's seat- top view.


Passenger seat top view. You can see the cigarette burn that was there when I bought the car.


Passenger carpet w/mat.


Passenger carper w/o mat. This is the original carpet.


Rear seats.


This is wot I see.


Autometer A/F meter. You can also see the only part of the steering wheel that has significant wear.


Old style HKS boost gauge in stock location.


Shot of the centre console and my oldschool Denon deck. I run the iPod through the cassette adapter instead of the RF modulator.


Close up shot of the A/C controls and the dash. All in excellent condition.


Shot of the headliner.


Shot of the rear panels and headliner.


Driver's door.


I did upgrade my 88 with 89 one touch power window switches.


Passenger door.


Close up shot of the MB Quarts.


JL Audio Microsub with 8" subs. I like a tight bass response.


PPI 6600 amp running the MB Quarts in the front and the Boston Acoustic Rally's in the rear, plus the subs. It is mounted on the back of the rear seats and is usually obscured by the Microsub.


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