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This site is dedicated to my Starion. It is a 1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESi-R. I bought it in September of 1991 as a birthday present to myself. My 1983 Mercury Cougar had served me well but it was time for something more sporty.

I recall noticing them for the first time when they flared them out in 1986. Sometime after that, my younger brother's friend had gotten one. It was a champaign coloured 5-speed. I don't remember which model it was exactly- a Mezzon Gold Starion or a Pewter Metallic Conquest. They wanted to score some free pizza from me so I said I would get them some if I could drive the car to get it. His friend agreed and I was off. Oh man I was hooked as I went tearing through the streets and the parking lots. I wanted one but at this time it was so far out of my financial reach.

In the fall of 1991, I was ready for a new car and was set on a sports car. I had looked at Mustangs, Celicas, and Supras but most were either trashed or out of my price range. One day while hunting for cars with my father, we happened upon a StarQuest. It was an automatic and the interior was in poor shape. I just wanted to drive one again so we took off. Man it was great to be behind the wheel again of one of these cars. I threw the salesman and my father around pretty good before we returned. I told him that he was asking too much for the condition of the car and we left. My father said it was too much of a rocket and didn't care for it. I was sold and I began my quest to find one.

I looked everywhere but all were automatics and most in poor shape. One day I was riding my little Ninja 250R to college and saw a red one in a lot. I pulled in to take a look. I looked throught the driver side window and it was in great shape and a 5-speed. I started jumping up and down and the saleman apparently saw me through the window. He came out and said "That car would look great next to your motorcycle." Bastard! I took it for a ride. I passed by that lot on a daily basis and had not seen the car there before. As it turns out, the salesman had been using it for the past week. It had 56K miles and had been owned by a student that commuted from Austin to San Marcos for school. There was evidence that the driver door had the lower portion repainted but no real damage. The interior was in showroom condition with the exception of a small cigarette burn on the passenger seat.

I talked him down to about $7800 and I gave him a $500 retainer until I could get to my credit union the next day. I phoned my father and told him that I had found another "rocket." The next day the deal went through and I was now the new owner. I've had the car since.

It has been a solid daily driver but I did have to rebuild the engine at 120K due to a spun bearing and then again at 257K due to deteriorating ringlands on the JE pistons throwing shavings everywhere. After being down for four years, I have finally got it back on the road. It still needs some work and like most used cars, it is an ongoing project.

I created this site to show off my car and chronicle some of the mods I have done and events that I have attended over the years. I hope you enjoy your stay.




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