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Initial Disassembly

Well Summer of 2008 had rolled around and I was ready for new paint. The car had sat for about 4 years, at first without a car cover, while I waited to get the money and time to get the motor rebuilt. It also had some hail damage and a few minor door dings. Once I got the car running again, the paint was too far oxidised to do anything about it and the front airdam was crap. Two years after getting the car back on the road, I finally had money for paint. I wanted a brighter red as opposed to the OEM Mexican/Rio red so I decided on Viper Red for the colour. I took to a local shop just outside my neighbourhood which made it convenient to check up on and also to drop it off and walk home. BASF R-M paint was used with 2 coats of base and 3 coats of clear coat.



It was a nice Sunday and I started to take off all the trim and other pieces to ensure the best paint coat possible. I did not want them simply taping off pieces or charging me extra for removal.



I really hated how the original red looked too orange at certain angles. The 83 hood had been recently repainted OEM red and was the only shiny piece on the whole car.








Monday rolled around and I dropped it off at the shop early in the morning and they started on it right away. After they started to strip the 83 hood and found that it was pretty damaged in the scoop corners and had not been repaired properly. He called me and we discussed options. I finally settled on having it fixed and I also took my old hood to them so it could be painted and the hail damage repaired.


The hood was going to need some more reinforcement in the corners since the metal was flimsy and was also beginning to rust. The front lip also seemed to tuck under and not line up with the header panel.



I stopped by the shop to see the car was progressing. They had repaired all the hail dents and dings.








By Friday they had primered all the repairs and was ready to be block sanded.






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