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The Rebuild and Pics

In the Spring of 1997, my engine had started making a knocking noise that gradually got louder until the engine finally seized. Yes, you guessed it. I spun a bearing. It was on journal #1 which aparently had been a known problem. It most likely happened when I was autocrossing the car. Well in an effort to save money and to learn more about the engine, I decided to do the rebuild myself. After all I had the shop manual, a good set of tools, good mechanical abilities and best of all...I could read and follow directions. I ordered all the parts and farmed out the engine block work. I took this opportunity to bore it out .040" over. I also sent the head out to be ported and polished and ordered a TEP cam. I also decided to go from a 16G to a 17C turbo.

Here are some pics of that first engine rebuild. I did all the short blocking myself. I didn't document too much and only took a few pics.


Old block before removal



Hood and engine/transmission removed







My old 16G [left] compared to the stock 12A [right]. I now have a 17C.





Block bored 0.040" over and new JE forged pistons.




New timing components, oil pump, and balance shafts removed. [Yes, I know, the tensioner is missing in this pic.]



New motor in place.




Disaster! I was still breaking in the motor when I drained the oil and found shavings. I pulled the pan to find this:




I bought a new set of bearings and instead of pulling the motor to polish the journal, I got some fat shoe laces and various grits of sand paper and polished the journal by wraping the laces around the sandpaper and went to town. It worked. This rebuild ultimately lasted 125K miles until the next issue arose in the summer of 2002.

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