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Initial Disassembly Cont...

Valves 1, 2, and 3


Valves 2 and 3 as seen from the intake runner. Lots of carbon buildup can be seen on the tops of the valves. The intake had been extrude honed and the runners were ported and matched back in 1997.


Some close up shots of piston 2. I found the source of the metal debris in my oil pan. The ringlands were deteriorating and there is a big chunk missing.


I also inspected the oil pump gears and housing. Looks like normal wear.




I took the engine block and parts to my friend's shop and he dropped them off at the machine shop. Other than the damaged JE piston ringlands, the oil pump looked good and there were no signs of damage to the timing chain. I will most likely replace the timing components since they are past the recommended service interval from the first replacement. I replaced them right at 75,000 miles along with removing the balance shafts. The car now has ~231,000 miles so I know they are about due. I will have to replace the pistons and I will change the water pump as well . The head will be sent out to be inspected and rebuilt. We talked to the machinist and he said the rest of the engine and head were almost perfect. He also commented on how nice the port job was on the head and that the guy did a good job. I told him that he should know. He did the work back in 97.


Things to repair/replace so far:

  • Prep rods and new pistons
  • New water pump
  • New timing chain and guides
  • New exhaust manifold
  • Swap turbo exhaust housing due to broken/frozen stud (also port and match)
  • Rebuild the head
  • Replace flex coupler on downpipe
  • Repair/replace transaxles/CV joints
  • New larger radiator
  • Rebuild transmission (syncros are going out)
  • New clutch
  • Repair front sway bar mount




After weeks of trying to find pistons to fit my motor, good fortune has smiled on me. Here is the story: When I rebuilt my motor the first time abc in 97, I had the block punched .040" over so I could get a set of JE pistons for it. Well, I got the pistons separately and had the machine shop punch out the block. I took it home and then began to rebuild the engine as soon as the pistons came in. Now since I was still learning, wot I failed to realise is that I should have waited until I got the pistons, taken the pistons to the machine shop and had the shop mic out the pistons and then punch out the block to match. Well as a result, my block is now out of tolerance for any new pistons and most likely for the ones I put in. Not knowing this, I ran my car this way for years! I never was impressed and felt like I never got any gain. Now 100,000 miles later, the machine shop can't find pistons to match the tolerances. Well after weeks of searching, my friend, Peter, whose shop is doing the work, happened upon a customer at Austin Performance. Somehow Peter found out that he had a fully built 2.6L motor/auto tranny with 15k on the block. Apparently this guy wanted more power for his StarQuest and him being a hot rod guy, put a 3.8L Grand National engine in it and took the original motor out! This machine shop we are using had done all the work for all his motors and swears by him. This guy apparently has bought the best of everything when needing parts. Not wasting any time, Peter calls me and the next day I give him $1200 to give to the guy. Peter negotiates to $1000 since we don't want the auto tranny. OK, so Peter calls me today to let me know about the transaction and to give me a scoop on the motor. He says it is immaculate. So here is wot we have:

  • Stock rebuilt block with 15K miles and all new: timing components, oil pump, water pump, Unorthodox Pulley, alternator
  • Head with TEP cam
  • New injectors
  • Complete stock TB and intake manifold assembly
  • Exhaust manifold WITH prossibly a Super 16G turbo
  • TEP OTV hard pipe with HKS BOV
  • New red silicone hoses throughout
  • Complete engine wiring harness (bought 15k miles ago)

To coin Tom Petty: "Even the losers, get lucky sometime."

So the plan is as follows: take the best of both motors, duh!

  • My Marnel head/TEP cam (my head is ported and matched and is at max flow)
  • My extrude honed and matched intake manifold
  • My enlarged TB
  • My lightened flywheel (his is auto tranny)
  • My repaired HKS racing downpipe
  • My HKS turbo-to-airbox hardpipe kit
  • My KDM hardpipes (replaces OEM intercooler cloth hoses)
  • His block, which we are punching .030" over with new pistons
  • His exhaust manifold (will stress relieve, port and match if not already)
  • His Super 16G over my 17C (maybe)
  • His OVP with HKS BOV (vs my TEP OVP with Turbo HS BOV)
  • His newer injectors
  • His complete wiring harness (maybe)
  • His newer alternator, and my black UD pulley

I will have a substantial amount of spares. I may put some up for sale:

  • 17C turbo
  • 16G turbo
  • Crank (I bought it new and has 100K miles)
  • Block punched .040" over
  • Automatic transmission
  • Connecting rods
  • Stock pistons
  • TEP OVP w/ Turbo HS BOV
  • Alternator
  • Unorthodox Underdrive pulley (silver)
  • Modified airbox
  • Stock intake manifold
  • Stock TB
  • Injectors
  • ISC
  • TPS




Well after months of no real information, I finally have an update.

We stopped in today to check some other work we had dropped off and to check up on my motor. It appears the ball was dropped and the pistons never got ordered. They said they were waiting on us for pistons. OY! All this time had gone by and no one had said anything. He is in the process of rebuilding the head. So when I got back to the shop, I rang up Wiseco and ordered a set .030" over. I also called Spec and ordered a clutch. In the past few weeks, I also got around to painting one of the valve covers, porting and painting the exhaust manifold, and porting the new turbo housing. When we had stopped by the machine shop, I also snapped a few pics of the head work.


Valve Grind


Intake work at the machine shop


Valve cover painted with black wrinkle finish paint. I liked the way this came out. I only wish I had a head with "MITSUBISHI" on it.


Since I had to replace the exhaust manifold, I took a stab at porting it myself to get rid of the OEM collar and match it to the Eclipse turbo gasket that I used. I painted it black with high heat paint but I don't think that it will last.


I did the same with the OEM turbo housing since I was going to swap it out with the old one with the broken stud.


Here it the comparison between the one I ported on the left and a stock one on the right.


Here is a representation of the stock housing versus the Eclipse manifold gasket. You can see difference in size between the gasket edge and the edge of the OEM collar


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